This is a brief blog article to frighten timeshare owners about a new timeshare scam being completed by a company calling themselves Global Business Consultants. The business has an F over the BBB along with 3 complaints.

According to internet reviews and clients who’ve contacted us, Global Business Consultants contacts timeshare owners from the blue and provides them a ridiculously large price for their timeshare. Ordinarily, this scam is utilized for timeshares in Mexico. Global Business Consultants will let you wire them money for some type of global transport fee, then your timeshare is going to be marketed. This won’t happen. You may move the fee, rather than hear from them .

This is the oldest scam in the book in regards to timeshare resales. The reality is, most timeshares shed most of their worth the second they’re bought. Timeshare isn’t an investment. That is the reason it is possible to discover lots of timeshares available by owner websites like Ebay available for $1 with no one buying them.

Since timeshares are so tough to market, many owners have switched to timeshare exit companies to cancel their timeshare. These businesses work with attorneys to receive your timeshare cancelled.