Timeshare Cancellation Following Rescission Period

Now you have a few choices in the event that you want to cancel your timeshare following the rescission period has now passed. We are going to explore all of them in this particular post.

Selling Your Timeshare

Your first choice is to try to sell the timeshare on the resale market. This is sometimes tough to do in case you do not have a timeshare at a desired place like Hawaii or Aruba. Timeshares in Orlando and Las Vegas are a dime a dozen, so it could be more difficult to get a timeshare to maintain its value in these types of locations. Top timeshare (holiday ownership) brands like Marriott, Westin, Ritz Carlton, Hilton and Disney normally hold their value better than other manufacturers.


A fantastic place to begin when you want to offer your timeshare is Ebay or Craigslist. These are low cost alternatives available to you which can help you find a buyer. A fantastic way for one to observe to what extent your timeshare is worth is to look at the advertisements of different timeshares available in your hotel from different owners. If you hunt for the title of your timeshare on Ebay and you also see several advertisements for $1, then that should provide you a fantastic idea of this timeshare’s worth.


When trying to sell your timeshare, it is a great idea to prevent businesses looking to give you a top up-front fee since these are generally scams. They might call this fee an “advertisement” fee or a “list” fee, however you’ll pay them up front along with your timeshare probably won’t market because the company does not have any incentive to market it after amassing your up-front fee.


Some scam upfront fee resale businesses might have timeshare value quote tools in their sites, but these are not false. These instruments ascertain the value of your timeshare dependent on the aggregate cost of their timeshares being promoted in their scam sites. These sites are full of timeshares available from owners that wrongly believe their timeshare went up in value after it had been bought. The reality is, timeshares reduction in value by 50 percent or more the moment they are bought from a hotel developer directly, and many can not even be given away to a website like Ebay for $1. Scam up-front fee timeshare resale businesses would like you to believe your timeshare is worth so that you believe that it’s worth their scam upfront fee to market your timeshare available on their scam site. That’s exactly why their fake timeshare value quote tools are made to spit over inflated valuations.

Timeshare Cancellation Following Rescission Period

If it’s been over a couple of weeks since you have bought your timeshare and you are not able to invert the buy, you still have a couple choices. Some hotels have introduced “buy back” or even “deedback” apps which will take your timeshare. On occasion you’ll need to pay the timeshare developer to take your timeshare and other situations that service is completely free. How nice of this hotel developers to sell you a product for $10,000 — $20,000 in an 11 — 20% interest rate and charge you to take it back if you do not desire it. They sure do care about their clients.


If you owe a loan on your timeshare, there’s a slight chance the hotel programmer will take it back from you. That can be when a timeshare exit company may be a fantastic alternative.


If you can not market the timeshare and the hotel will not take it back, then a timeshare exit company is a reasonable next step. We only advise working with timeshare exit companies offering a no up front fee escrow payment alternative therefore that the timeshare exit company doesn’t get paid until AFTER your timeshare has been canceled.