Resort Legal Team Inc. is a timeshare exit company started in 2016 that operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The business considers itself to be a timeshare fraud specialist and consultancy group that helps clients legally and effectively cancel their timeshares or owned vacations.


Looking at the Website In-Depth

Overall, the website design seems to be fairly modern and responsive. The white and gold color scheme is different from several other timeshare exit companies. The navigation has typical links for the homepage, about us, reviews and contact us.

Looking at the About Us page, we found an image of a professionally dressed male mediator followed by information that describes who they are, what the business does and why it matters.

We understand that the Resort Legal Team appears to be a team of lawyers and industry specialists who’ve discovered the ideal means of legally exiting a timeshare by obtaining as much information as possible about the entire sales process. In addition, we discovered that they provide credit protection.

The “Why it Matters” section is basically a blurb that says, you may have fallen for a scam once, so use the assistance of lawyers and don’t have it happen again

The rest of this particular page is really a CTA to get hold of the company for a free consultation.

It was not clear if the company has lawyers on staff or if they are an attorney referral service as there aren’t names, titles or graphics listed on the About Us page.

The testimonials page is merely a lengthy page with large gray blocks of customer quotes, which indicates we need to inspect plenty of “off-site” testimonials to actually understand more about the business. Ultimately the testimonials page as it stands now is quite lacking.

On the Contact Us page we discovered yet another CTA to contact the company for complimentary consultation.

The homepage states that the business is “100% Risk Free” — that may or may not signify they offer 100% money back. We’re not entirely certain what Resort Legal Team means by “100% Risk Free”, however it is apparent that customers get an assigned lawyer, and the company provides credit repair which is consistent with the About Us content.

The homepage also has FAQs as there is a list of text written in query format with links that don’t actually lead to any additional content or information.

Our interpretation is that the company concentrates on how the timeshare or vacation developers likely used deceptive sales tactics to pressure their possible clients into making the purchase. Scrolling down further on the page, the site features an informational graphic that explains the sales to purchase timeline in detail.

While there is very little content on the website as a whole, the messaging is straightforward and clear. We’d encourage you to visit the website and evaluate it for yourself as well.


Investigating the Web Visibility of Resort Legal Team

Since the site is sparse on material and lacks a complete About Us webpage, we did a little additional research about the Resort Legal Team.

The company has a YouTube channel with over 200 subscribers, which is quite a bit higher than other timeshare exit companies we have seen.

The videos on the channel are largely news reports that are from Wall Street Journal, CBS and other entities. The investigative content focuses mostly on the way timeshare and vacation ownership companies scam individuals.

While the videos are educational, we’re not able to find any that are the Resort Legal Team’s authentic content. The videos are almost all 3rd party content with just a branded introductory video.

We also located a Facebook page for Resort Legal Team in which the tagline said the organization is a “consultancy service” not an actual law firm. The page does not appear to receive many views and has few likes.

Through a case involving Wyndham and the Resort Legal Team, we were able to find that “Albert and Lisa Trevino” are owners of Resort Legal Team. We are not worried that a suit happened as many timeshare and vacation ownership developers file suit against timeshare exit companies for various reasons.

Another point of interest that comes up when searching for Resort Legal Team is a Hilton page that asserts the timeshare exit company mailed letters to their timeshare owners incentivizing them to cancel Hilton Grand Vacations timeshares. Hilton challenged this, leading to Resort Legal Team sending out retraction letters to their customers. The practice of sending out such mail is generally an indication of scammy business practices, as legitimate companies do not typically participate in such tactics. That being said, we do not know for certain if this is true in the instance of Resort Legal Team.

Lastly, though “Trevino” is a common name we did locate a legitimate link between Lisa and Albert and 2 additional businesses, “The Meeting Space” and “The Recovery Store”.

We’re not able to discover more information regarding the owners or much else around the web regarding Resort Legal Team in general.


Customer Reviews for Resort Legal Team

Even though the Resort Legal Team is still a fairly new timeshare exit business compared to the rest of the timeshare exit companies, we’d hope to see more reviews.

As of now, Google indicates a 4-star rating out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

We couldn’t track down any Trustpilot testimonials or any other reviews about this business including none current on the Facebook page.


Resort Legal Team’s Service Costs

The Resort Legal Team cost doesn’t appear online, much like other timeshare exit companies as the specialized nature of the services necessitates case-by-case costs. The team does provide a totally free consultation by means of a contact form on their website.

The customer feedback we did find did not provide much insight into cost.


What is the Duration of the Resort Legal Team Process?

Other than the one negative Google review, we couldn’t find any additional information regarding how long the process usually lasts when working with the Resort Legal Team. From the Google review, the reviewer said “10 months” with the answer from Resort Legal Team stating that the process can take a while due to its complexity. Every case differs, but it’s also very important to recognize that the timeshare developer might not cooperate in a timely manner which only prolongs the matter further.


Resort Legal Team’s “100% Risk Free” & Final Thoughts On the Company

It’s not apparent what Resort Legal Team means by “100% Risk Free”. In the past, this company offered a money-back guarantee and customers were to be refunded in case their timeshare wasn’t cancelled by 18 months following the beginning of their service agreement. We don’t know if this is still offered and are just assuming that “100% Risk Free” is interchangeable with “Money Back Guarantee”.

While money-back warranties or “100% risk free” notices might appear to give protection against scams, we typically don’t like to advocate paying a timeshare exit company straight upfront. Too frequently, cases of timeshare exit companies absconding with customer money or shutting down without meeting their obligations occurs.

Resort Legal Team does seem to be a legitimate timeshare exit company with overall positive reviews. That being said, we do not know a lot about the company and recommend that timeshare owners use an escrow option when partnering with the Resort Legal Team.

Utilizing an escrow payment option is one of the greatest ways to protect yourself and your money. Low up-front charge lien payment options permit for service fees to be paid to a third party checking account that just releases the funds to the company when the timeshare has been cancelled.