If you have a timeshare that you do not want, you might have found yourself wondering exactly what the impacts are of walking from the timeshare maintenance fees. Maybe you’ve tried to sell your timeshare previously and could not find a customer. Or, perhaps you’re not interested in receiving anything out of the timeshare and just want it to go off to block the fees. Whatever your desire, we can help lead you in the ideal direction.

Selling Your Timeshare

In case your timeshare is paid in full, you might choose to attempt to sell the timeshare on the resale marketplace before walking off. Promoting a timeshare can be quite hard and time intensive, but it’s a better choice than walking away as your credit will not be negatively influenced if the timeshare sells.


Websites like ebay and Craigslist are low cost alternatives available to you to assist you market your timeshare available. The problem is, hardly anybody would like to get a timeshare. Even in the event that you market your timeshare available for $1, then you’ll probably still have difficulty finding a purchaser. Oftentimes, you can not even provide your timeshare away at no cost!


Should you find a purchaser, you will probably have to pay extra fees to complete the trade. These may be transfer fees levied by the hotel and charges to your timeshare broker that will assist you browse the sale. So not only will you probably get $1 or less for your timeshare if you’re in a position to market it, however, you are going to have to cover $500 in extra fees to eliminate it. This surely makes the concept of walking away from the timeshare maintenance fees a more appealing alternative, however there are consequences for this naturally that we will go over soon.


If you owe a loan on your timeshare, your odds of selling are extremely low.

Walking Away From The Timeshare Maintenance Fees

If you have tried to sell without a success or owe a mortgage, then you may wonder if walking from the timeshare maintenance fees is the only alternative left. Before disregarding that maintenance fee invoice, know that there’ll be consequences if you opt to not to cover it. Some of the consequences include:

Your Credit Will Probably Be Negatively Affected

The same as any other invoice, if you opt not to cover it your credit might be negatively influenced. A poor credit rating can make it even more challenging for you to acquire a loan to buy a house or car in the near future. Even when you’re in a position to acquire financing with a poor credit rating, you will probably have a higher rate of interest. A high interest rate means you are going to be paying considerably more for anything new house or automobile you opt to buy.


If you are in a stage in your life in which you don’t plan to generate any substantial purchases in the near future, a very low credit score might not be significant for you. There are different consequences though.

You’ll No Longer Be Capable of Using Your Timeshare

This could possibly be a given, but if you quit paying off your timeshare maintenance fees your hotel will no more permit you to utilize your timeshare. You won’t have the ability to swap it with RCI or II either.

You’ll Be Called Repeatedly For Payment

Very similar to some other invoice, if you quit paying off your timeshare maintenance fees there is a really good chance that your hotel will make every effort it is able to collect from you personally. Your care prices are an interest free loan to your hotel. They’ll need their cash.


Initially you will receive calls from the hotel right. After a specific length of time of non refundable, your hotel may turn matters over to a collection agency. In any event, you are likely to be getting a great deal of calls and frightening things in the email requesting payment.

You Might Be Sued

Some hotels have sued owners that have opted to walk away from their timeshare maintenance fees. Should this happen, you are in for a wild ride. You are going to be in financial ruin in the attorney fees and court expenses. It is not pretty.


You could be thinking your timeshare hotel does not care enough for you to come after you in court to your care fees, but stop and think for a moment to what extent your care fees are worth it. The typical timeshare owner pays maintenance fees for approximately 30 — 40 decades. The typical maintenance fee is roughly $1,200 each year. 35 decades x $1,200 annually = $42,000 in lost earnings for your hotel. But that is not all. Most timeshare contracts incorporate a “perpetuity” clause that implies your heirs will get your timeshare on your passing. That is another possible $42,000 in lost earnings for your hotel.

Still Need To Walk Away From Your Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

Now you know the effects of walking away from the timeshare maintenance fees, you might be having second thoughts. If you can not market and can not walk off, what do you do?


This is the point where a timeshare exit company comes from. A timeshare exit company could have the ability to assist you cancel your timeshare with minimal consequences for your credit. A number of these businesses have cancelled tens of thousands of timeshares for their clientele. They understand the way the hotels work and will steer you along throughout the exit procedure.