What’s Escrow & Why Is It Significant?

Escrow is a third party checking account which keeps your money safe while the timeshare depart support is being done. When the timeshare exit service isn’t done as promised, you can get your money back straight from your escrow accounts firm. That is significant since it retains the timeshare exit company answerable. The business has to complete the cancellation of your timeshare successfully until it is paid. This offers the timeshare exit company incentive to finish the job it had been hired to perform.


When you cover upfront, you do not understand if the timeshare exit company will get what it says it’s likely to do. The business may take your money rather than cancel your timeshare. That is the reason why we advocate only working together with timeshare exit companies offering an escrow payment alternative.

No Up-Front Fee Escrow vs 100% Money-back Guarantee

A timeshare exit company may go out of business at any moment. When the timeshare exit company goes out of business, you’ll probably not get your “100% money back guarantee” the firm promised. A current instance of this may be found using a timeshare exit company by the name of A Consumer Credit. This is a timeshare exit company that provided a “100% money back guarantee”, but if it went out of business from Sept. 2018, timeshare owners didn’t receive their cash back. The timeshare owners who hired A Consumer Credit still possess their timeshare and dropped all money paid into the company to get a timeshare cancellation service which never occurred. Take a peek at A Consumer Credit’s recent testimonials here.


Many timeshare exit companies offer you a “100% money-back warranty,” but doesn’t actually mean anything in any way. Any corporation can make huge promises and then collapse through on them afterwards. That is the reason you need to always use a timeshare exit company that provides an escrow payment alternative. The escrow company is distinct from the timeshare exit company.


An escrow service protects the timeshare owner along with also the timeshare exit company. The timeshare owner is shielded by understanding their money is just introduced to the timeshare exit company after their timeshare is cancelled. The timeshare exit company is shielded by understanding the timeshare owner will cover the timeshare cancellation agency following the timeshare was cancelled.