Omni Ellis is just one more timeshare exit firm which might have the ability to ease you of your timeshare ownership. The business has been in business since 2015 and is currently situated in San Francisco, California.


The business site looks professional enough, but a few of the articles require a few alterations. Beneath the “About Omni Ellis” headline on the homepage the provider attempts to force you to believe your timeshare has to be passed to your heirs if you die. This is a frequent scare tactic that timeshare exit companies utilize to attempt and make you believe you have to seek the services of a timeshare exit business to escape your possession or your heirs will likely be stuck with that. The reality is, you don’t need to pass off your timeshare to your heirs when you die since there are means your heirs may refuse to accept that timeshare.

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Moving over to our Mission web page and things begin to seem somewhat better. We enjoy the way the provider mentions the rescission period accessible to customers immediately following a timeshare is bought. This is a time when you’re able to cancel a timeshare and get a complete refund. Omni Ellis cites this rescission period is 3 — seven times and varies by country. This deadline is somewhat brief as it is really more like 3 — 14 times in most states.


On the site and Our Mission webpage Omni Ellis cites “No elimination No Fee”, which seems great in concept. It’s uncertain whether this can be an up-front fee or not, so let us take a look at several testimonials.

Omni Ellis Reviews

Omni Ellis Reviews about the BBB are overwhelmingly optimistic. Clients like how Omni Ellis called them each week throughout the procedure to give them upgrades. Clients also enjoy the high degree of customer services.


Several clients mention heading into an inbuilt timeshare cancellation to obey a demonstration by an Omni Elis worker. Many clients respect this meeting as being very informative and professional. Some clients cite seeing an advertisement in the newspaper for this meeting even though some mention getting a telephone call.


Many clients around the BBB cite paying an up-front fee for Omni Ellis’ providers, but this can’t be confirmed since these reviews might not be from actual clients. Some reviewers cite that a”100% money-back” warranty too. Again, this seems great in concept, but we at never advise working with almost any timeshare exit firm that costs an up-front charge. The business can go out of business rather than repay your money. Timeshare exit companies get sued by timeshare resorts all of the time, so going from business is a true possibility. As an instance, this recently occurred with a firm named Aconsumercredit at Ormand Beach, Florida. Read more about this :

Omni Ellis Price & Charges

Though Omni Ellis has over 40 testimonials on the BBB, none mentions the Omni Ellis price. This is somewhat odd. And obviously, Omni Ellis doesn’t exhibit its own prices on its own site. Not just one timeshare exit provider displays its prices on its own site, so nothing from the ordinary here.


In general, Omni Ellis is a business we could recommend because it delivers an escrow payment alternative and contains many favorable reviews online.


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Always stay exceptionally cautious of any company that wishes to give you an up front fee to cancel your timeshare.