Starwood is a timeshare that supplies its members with access to over 850 Sheraton and Westin hotels in over 80 nations. Members can also be allowed access to Starwood’s exclusive Harborside Resort at Atlantis. Furthermore, Starwood timeshare owners are given StarOptions points which may be used for traveling at the organization’s network of hotels. If you’re a Starwood timeshare owner searching for ways to eradicate Starwood timeshare, you have come to the ideal location. We can provide you suggestions for how to best reach Starwood timeshare cancellation.

Ways to Get Out of Starwood Timeshare

If it comes to the way to eradicate Starwood timeshare, you have a lot of choices. First off, in the event that you recently bought your Starwood timeshare, you want to appear at your nation’s timeshare rescission period, which permits new timeshare owners to cancel their contract for a complete refund, no questions asked. You ought to have been provided additional information about how to maintain the rescission period on the nation in the files that you have been given when you signed your timeshare contract.


If you’re already beyond your state’s rescission period, you can look at Leasing your timeshare online. Nevertheless, this might not work out to you. More frequently than not, timeshares don’t maintain their value, and it may prove impossible to sell them. Just do a fast search on Ebay for timeshares, and you’ll encounter countless $1 ads without any bids.


You may even try providing Starwood a telephone to find out if they have any programs in place to help you with getting you from your timeshare, but a lot of timeshare companies don’t provide such aid. Why do they when they’re earning money from you personally?

Timeshare Exit Companies & Escrow Payment Choices

The ideal method that you cancel your Starwood timeshare is to operate with a timeshare exit company that uses legal professionals that will assist you break your contract. Be cautioned, however, this business is full of individuals that will guarantee you finish Starwood timeshare cancellation for upfront payment, then be off with your cash rather than really get you out of your timeshare.


That is why we recommend just working with a timeshare exit company which lets you pay using a no up-front commission escrow payment alternative, where fees are paid into a third party account that releases funds into the timeshare exit company just following the timeshare contract cancellation is already official.