Centerstone Group is a timeshare exit company that can potentially cancel your timeshare. The business is located in Costa Mesa, CA and has been assisting customers since 2020. Even though the company is fairly new, those running it have more than 3 decades of timeshare experience.

Almost all of the timeshare exit companies operating today work in one of three main ways.

  1. Assist you in creating letters to your timeshare to persuade them to cancel your timeshare.
  2. Connect you with a timeshare exit lawyer who will try to get your timeshare cancelled.
  3. Use industry connections to move your timeshare to someone else.

Most timeshare exit companies just use 1 of these 3 common methods to cancel your timeshare. Centerstone Group is distinct in that it employs all 3 timeshare exit approaches to cancel your timeshare. This strategy is ultimately quite advantageous.

When a timeshare exit company utilizes all three timeshare exit strategies to cancel your timeshare, it is able to offer a faster, more dependable and more cost-effective timeshare exit plan. Timeshare resorts are becoming better at thwarting timeshare exit companies. This is the reason a timeshare exit company needs to be able to utilize various exit strategies to get your timeshare cancelled.

By way of example, let’s imagine you choose to work with a timeshare exit company that simply works with lawyers to get your timeshare cancelled. Rather than trying a less expensive route of using letters to get you out of your timeshare, this timeshare exit company will leap directly to using a costly lawyer to attempt to cancel your timeshare. Yes, your timeshare may end up being cancelled, but it might require an unnecessarily substantial amount of money and time to get there.

Or, let us say you choose to work with a timeshare exit company that merely sends letters to timeshare resort developers to cancel your timeshare. Although this technique is usually less expensive than a lawyer, it does not always get the job done. Therefore, you can pay these exit companies which simply use letters, then wait a while for those letters to try to persuade your timeshare resort to cancel your timeshare only to find that your timeshare has not been cancelled and the letters did not do the job. If it happens, you’re likely to try to receive your money back from your timeshare exit company that used the letters and also try your luck with an alternate timeshare exit company. You may be unable to receive your money back because not all of the timeshare exit companies around are truly operating legitimately. You’d then have to employ a second timeshare exit company to do the work all over again.

Timeshare exit transfer companies are generally a fantastic option because the timeshare developer does not have to be convinced to accept the timeshare back. But it requires a great deal of experience and connections inside the timeshare industry to function as an effective timeshare exit transfer company. This is where expertise in the timeshare sector becomes an important element.

Centerstone Group’s leadership team is composed of a number of the most experienced and educated people in the timeshare industry. Its ownership has spent decades developing relationships with various receiving parties to successfully move your timeshare. The team also has expertise sending letters to timeshare developers and using lawyers to get your timeshare cancelled. It is one of the only companies that offers a comprehensive way of exiting a timeshare.


Reviews for Centerstone Group

Centerstone Group is a comparatively new timeshare exit company, meaning that online reviews are currently limited. This will in all likelihood change as time goes on.


Centerstone Group Pricing

Unlike many timeshare exit companies out there, Centerstone Group doesn’t engage in price gouging. This means the price will not change based on how much your maintenance expenses are. All customers are treated with honesty and respect at Centerstone Group.

The Centerstone Group pricing isn’t available online because the company must collect more information about your specific timeshare to determine how much work it’s going to take to cancel your timeshare. The more work required, the more you will be charged.

Centerstone Group provides an escrow payment option, which can be incredibly useful. When you pay with escrow, the timeshare exit company does not receive full payment until after the timeshare is cancelled. This gives the timeshare exit company ample motivation to finish the cancellation of your timeshare.


Final Thoughts

Centerstone Group is a welcome addition to the timeshare exit market. Its owner is renowned in the timeshare industry and is known for operating with consistent integrity. While we can definitely understand the hesitation in using the services of a newer timeshare exit company, we would not recommend them if we didn’t feel they’re a top choice.