Timeshare Specialists is a timeshare exit and resale company operating out of Bozeman, Montana. The business also owns Resort Closings Inc., a certified escrow and closing company. Resort Closings Inc. has been in business since 2004 while Timeshare Specialists has been in business as of 2012.

Timeshare Specialists work differently than many other timeshare exit companies. Rather than using lawyers to fight on your behalf, Timeshare Specialists leverages its experience and industry relationships to locate prepared recipients for your timeshare. This will usually be far more affordable than having a lawyer to try to cancel your timeshare and certainly will be much more advantageous for your credit overall. In reality, it is highly unlikely that your credit will be negatively impacted if you decide to work with Timeshare Specialists.

The company specializes in finding individuals who are thinking about timeshare ownership, but are not willing to pay the big upfront cost. This is not a simple feat considering lots of timeshares are very difficult to sell on the Internet even for low amounts. However, if you have sufficient knowledge in the business and know where and how to advertise, it can be done. This is really where Timeshare Specialists thrive.

The catch is that not everybody will be eligible for services. The frustrating reality is that there are timeshares out there that are just too tough to sell, even at low prices.


How To Quality for Timeshare Specialists’ Services

Because Timeshare Specialists is promoting your timeshare to ready receivers, it isn’t able to work with the following timeshare owners:

  1. Those that still owe a mortgage on the timeshare.
  2. Those that are behind on their maintenance expenses.
  3. Those that own a timeshare that has been too difficult for Timeshare Specialists to deal with in the past.

The great thing is that if you get current on your maintenance fees and pay off your mortgage, Timeshare Specialists may then be able to help. Should you own a timeshare that has turned out to be too difficult to sell, then Timeshare Specialists won’t be able to provide help. In this circumstance, a call to your timeshare would be a logical next step.


The Guaranteed Program From Timeshare Specialists

If Timeshare Specialists takes you in their Guaranteed Transfer Program, the company is going to contractually guarantee that it is going to get a new owner for the timeshare and you will not have to pay further maintenance costs. That is a bold claim in the industry because timeshares can be so difficult to move around.

Only a business that has been operating successfully in the industry long-term would be comfortable with having a program like this. As of now, we are unaware of any other timeshare exit companies that provide a similar guarantee. Timeshare Specialists is truly one of a kind in this aspect.


Inapplicable Scams for Timeshare Specialists

Usually, in the timeshare exit business, there are companies that charge you a high up-front fee to promote your timeshare on their website. These ads rarely do the job so there’s not any guarantee your timeshare will sell. You’ll cover the up-front fee along with the timeshare that will probably never transfer.

There are also scammers who will call you out of nowhere and offer you a ludicrously high amount for your timeshare. They may request that you pay up-front for taxes or transfer fees. You will cover the up-front charge and then the scammers will disappear with you still stuck with the timeshare.

Timeshare Specialists is substantially different from the above-mentioned scams since it doesn’t charge an up-front fee. In actuality, its fees are very reasonable for the services it is providing.


Pricing and Fees for Timeshare Specialists

Timeshare Specialists works for a flat fee based on how much it will cost to market the timeshare to prospective takers. Normally that is about $2,000 which is paid following the lawful transfer to a new owner. That is on the lower end of the fee spectrum for this industry.


Timeshare Specialists Real Customer Reviews

Timeshare Specialists reviews around the Internet are quite favorable. The business has an A+ on the BBB and 15 positive testimonials with 0 complaints. Virtually every timeshare exit / resale business has complaints on the BBB, so the fact that Timeshare Specialists does not speak volumes regarding their company.

The company also has 370+ reviews on Trustpilot and lots of favorable reviews on its site and Google. All are great indicators.


Concluding Thoughts on Timeshare Specialists

Timeshare Specialists is a legitimate company which should be able to assist you in resolving your timeshare issues if you are eligible for their services. Their chosen business strategy is a unique one that lots of others are not willing to pursue due to a high degree of difficulty. These are signs of a highly ethical and reputable business.