Timeshare Compliance is a trusted and respected timeshare exit company which could be able to cancel your timeshare even when you still owe mortgage payments. Located in Irvine, California, Timeshare Compliance has assisted customers since 2012.

After reviewing their website, one of the main things that stood out is the Escrow payment option. Employing an Escrow service to cancel your timeshare is the cleverest thing that you can do since the timeshare exit company doesn’t get full payment until after the timeshare cancellation.


Timeshare Compliance Website Evaluation

After reviewing the company’s “Services” webpage it seems that Timeshare Compliance specializes in helping timeshare owners who believe that they were misled during the sales presentation. This is different from other timeshare exit companies which claim they can simply help anybody who wants to exit. The simple fact that Timeshare Compliance is discerning with its timeshare customers is a really good sign. In the past, a timeshare exit company called Resort Release took on each and every client without any type of selection process and afterwards went bankrupt since it could not cancel everybody’s timeshares. Timeshare Compliance is discerning with its customers because it only wishes to work with those it knows it can help.

The Calculator page includes a great tool that helps timeshare owners figure out just how much money they are truly spending on their timeshare each year. This can be extremely useful if you’ve never broken down each expense of your timeshare before. With maintenance charges, special assessment charges, exchange fees, membership dues and much more, you’re likely not saving much money at all with your timeshare ownership.

The Credit Advocacy page shows that Timeshare Compliance has chosen to associate with a company called United Doc Prep. This business may be able to assist timeshare owners with document preparation in regard to cancelling a timeshare. It seems to be more of a DIY alternative for certain timeshare owners that qualify for the service.

In addition to United Doc Prep, the Credit Advocacy page discusses service options that may help timeshare owners keep track of their credit during the cancellation. If you stop making expected payments on the timeshare, your credit may be negatively affected. This is why it’s vital for Timeshare Compliance to secure your credit throughout the protracted timeshare exit process. Credit protection undoubtedly sets Timeshare Compliance apart from the industry competition.

The Process page delves into the steps of working with Timeshare Compliance. You’ll begin by supplying your timeshare files to the company’s specialists who will review your situation with you. Once everything is in order, your information will be transmitted to your assigned lawyer and the cancellation procedure will start.

The fact that Timeshare Compliance coordinates with lawyers to cancel your timeshare is quite beneficial. Some timeshare exit companies don’t work with attorneys, and these companies usually don’t do much that you couldn’t have done yourself at no cost.

Lawyers employ a variety of approaches to get you out of your timeshare including:

Searching for deceptive statements in a timeshare contract.

Reaching a settlement with the timeshare resort.

Pinpointing sales deception.

And much more.


The lawyer may employ some or all of these approaches, in conjunction with approaches utilized by Timeshare Compliance, to cancel your timeshare.


Costs & Fees in Working With Timeshare Compliance

Another thing that distinguishes Timeshare Compliance from the competition is its fantastic financing options. The business offers funding through a company named SuperMoney. SuperMoney will lend money for your timeshare exit according to your credit rating. If you have a high credit score, you are going to get a lower interest rate for your loan. Low FICO scores get a higher rate of interest. Even when you’ve got a poor credit score, the rate of interest for your loan in SuperMoney is likely going to be lower than the 17-19 percent interest fee you may have from the timeshare.

Like most timeshare exit businesses, Timeshare Compliance’s fees and costs are not available online. The business must examine your situation with you to ascertain how much work is required to cancel your timeshare. If more work is needed, the price will be higher.

In general, you will likely have to pay at least $3,000 for timeshare exit services. If you’ve got a mortgage, then you will probably need to spend more.


Timeshare Compliance Customer Feedback


The business has over 200 positive reviews on TrustPilot and over 10 positive reviews on Google. To locate Timeshare Compliance on the Better Business Bureau you will need to look for a company by the name of Pandora Marketing LLC since Pandora Marketing LLC is doing business as Timeshare Compliance. Pandora Marketing LLC has achieved an A+ on the BBB as well as 50 positive reviews and counting.


Besides testimonials off-site, Timeshare Compliance also has many reviews on its own website. We like to search for video feedback as these are normally the most dependable, and as of Feb. 2020, Timeshare Compliance has not one but three overall.


In Summation

We believe that Timeshare Compliance is a reliable timeshare exit company that we endorse for the following reasons:


Offers payment using escrow.

In business for close to 10 years.

Uses lawyers to help cancel your timeshare.

Is discerning with the customers that it helps.

Has positive video testimonials, an A+ with the BBB and countless positive web-based reviews.