If you’re searching for timeshare contract loopholes, then you most likely need to eliminate your timeshare. Maybe you’ve attempted to market it with no luck and just need to cancel it and halt the upkeep fees. That is understandable. You should not be forced to keep paying for a product you do not want or use.


In 2015, House Bill 453 in Florida made it tougher for timeshare owners to discover loopholes within their timeshare contracts that would let them escape. In accordance with that this Orlando Sentinel article,


“The bill tries to prevent “frivolous lawsuits” where owners attempt to escape from contracts which include ‘nonmaterial’ mistakes”


That is the timeshare business for you. Timeshare hotel developers will do whatever they can to maintain owners within their legally binding contracts.


Do not be tricked by timeshare exit companies which claim they can discover these contract loopholes to get you out. There are still ways to eliminate your timeshare but finding loopholes in an timeshare contract is no more among these.


Timeshare exit companies have found new procedures to have owners from the timeshares now. The majority of the legitimate timeshare exit companies have worked in the business for quite a while and understand how every timeshare resort developer functions. They leverage this expertise, and occasionally their relations, to get you out. Simple as that.


Lawyers nevertheless play a role too. A timeshare exit company that doesn’t work with attorneys to receive your timeshare cancelled is probably a scam. Lawyers provide the timeshare exit company further leverage to use from the timeshare programmer.


Scams are everywhere from the timeshare business. That is why we here in TimeshareExitCompanies.com only advise working with timeshare exit companies offering an escrow payment alternative. With escrow, you cover an escrow account, however, the timeshare exit company doesn’t get paid in the escrow accounts until AFTER your timeshare was cancelled.